Keep some in pantries. Desk drawers. Steel lockers too.

The chances are high that your favorite pro teams have something in common. Right after games, after practices, trainings, more than a few players enjoy a good helping of Jawbox Jerky to help recover. But it’s not just a pro thing. Colleges, high schools, performance coaches and other competitive teams have signed on with Jawbox to give their players protein to be fit and play fit. You can too.

Original vs Spicy. Both Win. Now Add Peppered, Teriyaki and Ranch. They All Win.

When top pedigree, grass-fed angus or free-range chicken tops the menu, you’re living large. Real Meat. Superior Flavor. Done and Done.


Original Beef Jerky

As in ‘original’ recipe. Deep and rich with bold, smoky steak flavors. Think molasses, barley malt, and tamarind.


Spicy Beef Jerky

Just like original, only peppery habanero spices here scare the dickens out of the bravest of taste buds. It’s not intentional or mean-spirited. It’s just that good.


Peppered Beef Jerky

It’s right in the middle, a deep and rich blend of smoky steak flavors dusted with cracked black pepper.


Teriyaki Chicken Jerky

A new twist, Free-Range Chicken with tastes of pineapple, honey, ginger and sesame.

The Story Of An Athlete, A Chef, And A Hankering For Real Jerky.


Jawbox started out of our kitchens in Denver, Colorado. We were just fed up with snacks made with the wrong ingredients for the wrong reasons. So we took matters into our own hands, literally.

Today, we handcraft every batch of high-quality jerky straight from happy, free-roaming, grass-fed cows and chickens with access to free-range pastures from ranches across the United States. We power athletes to win.

Our biggest fans were athletes and now, Jawbox powers over 50 professional and collegiate programs in their quest for superior excellence.

Jay, Devo and Dustin - Founders, Jawbox Jerky


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